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Tue, Feb. 28th, 2006, 09:12 pm
thegr8arp: Money Talks...but chocolate sings.

Hello everyone. My name is Andrew. I just joined the community, so I thought it would appropriate to introduce myself. I am 21 male, and gay. I live in Owensboro, Kentucky. Don't feel bad. I didn't know where that was untill I moved here. Im still not entirely sure.I live here with my boyfriend DJ. I am always up for making friends, so if you want to add me as a friend or have me add you as a friend then all you have to do is ask.
I run two cmmunities on LJ. One the firstfeel_proud_to_b celebrates diversity, and creates a general forum for different people to come together.

The second feel_proud_2_b is a group for gays, lesbians, bi-sexual, trangendered,pansexuals, straights, and anyone else who is supportive of different sexual orientations. This one as well is a forum for people to come togetehr and just be themselves.
There is more info in both of them in thier perspective community info pages. I hope you all take a look and welcome me into this community. Have a great day